About Us

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About Us

Born from the desire to share his own drop notes with the world, NFT Insider was founded by John Nichols (@hydropwrd) in March 2021, and has since grown to become one of the leading media organisations in the Web3 space.

Our mission is simple; to give our readers everything you need to navigate the web3 landscape in a fun, safe and informed way – from the latest drops and in-depth interviews to community highlights, exclusive first-looks at the latest blockchain games and a whole lot more.

Through our articles, videos, podcasts and livestreams, if you want to know what’s happening across the blockchain space, NFT Insider is the place to be.

If you’d like to speak to John, head to our Contact page.

Since September 1st 2021, NFT Insider has been wholly-owned by pink.gg Solutions GmbH. Pink has zero control over the content, topics or opinions covered, expressed or discussed on NFT Insider.

Our Team


John Nichols

Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Lifelong gamer & creative. Moving Web3 forward one word at a time.


Saskia Wartnaby

Senior Writer

Artist, digital marketer, writer & animal lover. Fan of all things cute and wholesome.


Jenz Alipar

Content Writer & Video Editor

Blockchain Evangelist. Content Creator & Graphic Design hobbyist. Loves gaming.


Addie Laceste

Graphic Designer

Artist, designer and dog-lover. Making a better world with pups!



Robert Baggs

Co-founder & Editor, TokenGamer

Professional wordsmith, blockchain gaming zealot and petrolhead.


Jazz Meyer

Founder, Halfmoon Craft

Multidisciplinary artist. Pagan silversmith. Figuring it out as she goes.


Briley Kenney

Independent Writer

Prominent copywriter. Loves video games, a good stogie, and a stiff drink!


Jake Hatwell

Founder, SixPM Software

Honeycomb, The Adventurer’s Guild, Pikcells & more. Programmer. Scientist. Likes cats.

Past Team Members


Zac Templeman

Content Writer

Biomedical Science graduate. Prof. of Useless Information. Renowned procrastinator.