Drop Alert! Old Rock NFT Chapter 2: Goliath Mint


Drop Alert! Old Rock NFT Chapter 2: Goliath Mint

With Chapter 1 in the books, it’s time for Old Rock NFT to break new ground with the minting of their Chapter 2: Goliath NFTs!


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What has the Rock been cookin’? It’s time to find out!

Today (February 19) at 23:00 UTC, Old Rock NFT are holding their Chapter 2: Goliath mint, featuring 5,000 brand-new PFP characters! Following on from their Chapter 1: Old Rock mint on January 7, this new drop opens up the Old Rock project to a whole new audience!

Let’s look at how you can mint one of these PFP NFTs for yourself.


When Is The Mint?

The Old Rock NFT Chapter 2: Goliath mint takes place on February 19 at 23:00 UTC.

To mint a Chapter 2: Goliath NFT, you’ll need an ETH-compatible wallet (such as MetaMask). Keep an eye on Old Rock’s Discord announcements for a direct link to the minting page!

Prior to the mint, if you’ve read our interview with Old Rock earlier this week, or tuned in to our Twitter Space with the team, be sure to check the Rocklist to see if you’ve been lucky enough to snag both priority access and a reduced mint price!

The whispers continued…

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Coming Sunday! –
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Giving away 1 @OldRockNFT
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FCFS ROCKLIST: https://t.co/ErVqs2usLQ pic.twitter.com/VIV1bg0X6w

— Old Rock (@OldRockNFT) February 18, 2023

How Much Will The Mint Cost?

The Chapter 2: Goliath mint will take place in four stages:

  1. 23:00-00:00 UTC – Rock Holders (0.008 ETH, max 2 per Rock)
  2. 00:30-01:30 UTC – Rocklist (0.010 ETH, max 3 per wallet)
  3. 01:30-02:00 UTC – 756 NFTs airdropped to OG holders
  4. 02:00 UTC – Public (0.015 ETH, max 5 per transaction)

Payments are to be made in ETH. Only 5,000 NFTs are available, so be sure you’re ready as soon as you’re able to mint!

Anyone who mints 8 or more NFTs from Chapter 2: Goliath will also receive a free “Chapter 1: Old Rock” burn-to-claim physical comic book NFT!


What Do The NFTs Look Like?

Whilst Chapter 1: Old Rock saw 500 rocks minted in an assortment of styles and densities, Chapter 2: Goliath consists of 5,000 human-like avatars in (spoiler alert!) various stages of contagion.

To get an idea of what to expect from these PFPs, it’s highly-advised to read Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of the Old Rock comic, available on the Old Rock website.

Old Rock is a project that encourages discovery and paying attention to detail, with a love of ciphers, mysteries and hidden secrets. Keep your eyes peeled, reading is encouraged…


What Utility Do The NFTs Have?

The Old Rock team have kept very tight-lipped on their plans for utility in Chapter 2: Goliath – however, we can certainly expect them to have a few tricks up their sleeve!

Holders of Chapter 1: Old Rock benefitted from a partnership with Degen Coffee, which saw holders entitled to a free bag of high-quality, single-origin Ethiopian coffee.

In our recent Twitter Space, Old Rock explained their vast experience in ceramics, giving some context to the mysterious stamped clay alpha posted to their Twitter. I’m sure the team will lean into that experience for future utility…

Alpha pic.twitter.com/FR6s1QmO8X

— Old Rock (@OldRockNFT) February 11, 2023

If you’d like to find out more, be sure to read our interview with the Old Rock team, and if you have any questions, pop into their Discord. Good luck and happy minting!

For the latest information on Old Rock NFT, visit their website, follow their Twitter, and join their Discord community.


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