NFT.NYC 2023: Steve Curran, CEO at Burn Ghost

NFT.NYC 2023: Steve Curran, CEO at Burn Ghost

Burn Ghost held their official launch at NFT.NYC, but what is this Web3 game platform all about, and what can we expect in 2023?


Onboarding was one of the big topics at NFT.NYC 2023 – and during the event, Steve Curran unveiled what he believes can help take Web3 mainstream.

Burn Ghost is a casual Web3 games platform, pitting players against one another for token and NFT prizes. Beginning with trivia, a range of casual game formats are in the pipelines – and with the backing of Drive by DraftKings, Burn Ghost has ambitious plans to drive blockchain adoption forward.

Ahead of the Burn Ghost Launch Party at LUME studios, we joined CEO Steve Curran to learn more about his Web3 gaming platform, their inaugural tournament, and what we can expect across 2023!

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