5 Metaverse Projects To Watch in 2022

With “metaverse” set to be the buzzword of the year, Briley takes a look at five metaverse projects you should keep your eyes on!


The metaverse is coming. Are you ready? 

Most already know about Meta (formerly Facebook) but there are many big names working on similar technologies, including Microsoft, Nvidia, and more. Tech news site Gartner named “the metaverse” as one of the five impactful emerging technologies of 2022.

It sounds exciting, but as popular as the topic is, it’s still puzzling to some. What does it mean? We’re going to break it down into simple terms, and discuss some of the most promising metaverse projects that are launching soon. Let’s dive in.

What Is the Metaverse, Anyway?


The metaverse is a persistent, shared virtual universe. You can work, play, create, and much more. Each digital world within the metaverse has a unique theme or format. Some will mimic our waking reality, whilst others take place in a fantasy setting, like the far reaches of outer space, or a Westworld-esque experience.

The ability to move seamlessly between these worlds is paramount. When you enter, you step into the virtual universe and become your digital avatar.

Imagine your favourite video game. When you play, you take control of a digital persona. You then interact with that game; buying and selling goods, engaging in combat, exploring the world and much more. Your avatar or character is a representation of you, and there are thousands, if not millions of others roleplaying as their avatars too.

Does the Metaverse Have Value?

In the real world, when you go to sleep, you don’t log out – and you don’t log in when you wake. You are resting, but the world persists. People still go to work, still live their lives, and the universe still thrives. So will the metaverse.

Because the metaverse is “always on,” and digital assets have value, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

There’s a virtual economy. Real estate in the metaverse has a monetary value, which can go up or down, just like the real world. Digital goods and services can be traded, just like the real world, and prices will fluctuate based on demand.


Is the Metaverse a Video Game?

Parallels can be drawn between the metaverse and video games, but calling the metaverse a game is a huge disservice to the experience. There will be games you can play, but it’s so much more than that.

Here’s just a few things you can do:

  • Purchase land and monetize it
  • Play and create games, VR experiences, and more
  • Customize your avatar, home, and digital assets
  • Train, meet and collaborate with others (even for work)
  • Socialize and attend concerts, conferences, and gatherings
  • Shop for real-world and virtual products
  • Take virtual classes and learn real-world skills like musical instruments, trade skills, and more
  • Find virtual-world employment
  • Invest and trade digital assets
  • Collect art created by others, or make your own!

How Many Metaverses Are There?

Whilst developers may want their metaverse to be the only platform you ever need, what happens is entirely up to the community. Some metaverses will rise, some will fall.

With that, let’s discuss 5 metaverses that are already available, or launching sometime in 2022.

1. Immersys

Best described as a “massively multiplayer metaverse”, Immersys allows players to earn NFTs and tokens whilst taking part in an MMO-like experience. Think chopping trees for wood NFTs, and fighting monsters for NFT loot.

Digital assets are earned as you play, and minted to your WAX wallet on-demand.

With rare, non-transferable blueprints, item crafting, tiered tools and more, Immersys contains all of the familiar foundations of an MMO.


The game has developed at a swift pace, with retail property, avatar upgrades and a combat overhaul all coming in the last six months.

Residential properties are also available in The Hive, their first apartment block, with further opportunities to follow.

Immersys is online now, so give it a go!



Billed as a commercial metaverse for retail and entertainment companies, RFOX VALT delivers an “immersive, virtual reality-driven” experience.

Combining cryptocurrencies, gaming, NFTs, e-commerce, entertainment and more, it’ll showcase the best of Web3 through a VR experience.

Hold fast however – it’s not just for retailers and businesses looking to sell their goods. Everyone will be able to enter the RFOX VALT metaverse.


Players will be able to play games, earn rewards, and interact with their friends.

RFOX VALT has dedicated arms for various sectors, such as finance, media, and TV, with each offering unique experiences and content.

Shop owners already have access, with public access to arrive in due course.


3. Bloktopia

Bloktopia is a “decentralised metaverse” that approaches the concept a little differently.

It’s a digital skyscraper with 21 levels, built to pay homage to the 21 million Bitcoins. It’ll offer a variety of experiences, from digital events and gaming to learning facilities and more.

Alongside being a participant, users have a variety of potential revenue streams, from advertising and staking to offering goods and services.


Bloktopia will also feature virtual real estate that can be built upon, or leased to entrepreneurial users.

Their current roadmap, leading up to Q4 this year, includes a land sale and alpha launch in Q2 and beta launch in Q3, so it won’t be long until you can pay it a visit!



Enter the metaverse. What a tagline.

NTVRK is a multi-chain metaverse which allows users to explore a variety of virtual worlds designed by both brands and other users.

Several blockchain projects are partnering with NTVRK, including Angry Ape Army, Cryptowalkers, Dinodawgs and many more.


For a little more context, Cryptowalkers is a collection of 3D characters, available as fully-rigged character models, all of which are “metaverse-ready.

They’re just one project of many. 

Everyone that enters NTVRK will have the opportunity to create their own VR worlds and experiences – or just participate if that’s more your style. With a long list of partners, an impressive list of blockchain support, and some cool ideas brewing, NTVRK is definitely one to watch.


5. Highstreet

Imagine if you could shop in a virtual marketplace, but your digital purchases corresponded with real-world goods? Moreover, what if those goods were from renowned high-street brands?

That’s the idea behind Highstreet, which adds a whole new spin to the metaverse. It will “bridge the physical and digital worlds” by offering a rich multiverse filled with multifaceted, interactive experiences.

Like others on this list, Highstreet will allow you to purchase tokenised products, customize and trade virtual real estate, and engage in an always-online world.


You can also explore a vast player environment, taking on unique roles such as a Brawler or Archer to defeat monsters.

All of your actions in-game will have a real-world implication. For instance, if you buy armour in-game, you’ll get a jacket in real life. It’s a special play-to-earn, NFT-fueled marketplace with real-world benefits. 

It’s currently in Alpha, and available on a few VR platforms, from the HTC Vive series to Windows Mixed Reality.



There you have it! A handful of exciting metaverse projects that will soon be available, or already are!

Keep in mind, many of these platforms are still in their early stages so things are subject to change.

Which one do you find most exciting? Is there another project we didn’t mention that you want to call out?


Briley Kenney
Longstanding blockchain reporter & prominent copywriter. Loves video games, a good stogie, and a stiff drink!