CryptoFlash Holds Second Annual 1-of-1 NFT Auction

CryptoFlash 2nd Year Anniversary Auction - Featured Image

CryptoFlash Holds Second Annual 1-of-1 NFT Auction

This OG WAX artist is back for their second annual 1-of-1 NFT auction, with the winner granted free CryptoFlash NFTs for the next year!


At the time of publication, Saskia held 14 CryptoFlash NFTs worth 838 WAX ($59 USD). These NFTs were acquired via primary drops and the secondary market.

Happy 2nd WAX birthday to CryptoFlash!

It’s no small feat to create high quality, animated art on a consistent basis for the past two years, but this is what WAX NFT artist CryptoFlash has done since March 18, 2021.

In celebration of this milestone, CryptoFlash is holding his second annual week-long auction for a 1-of-1 animated NFT, ending on March 30th at 21:00 UTC!

CryptoFlash 2nd Year Anniversary Auction - 2023 Goddess Kali

Which NFT is up for auction?

This year’s 1-of-1 NFT depicts the Hindu goddess, Kali, in CryptoFlash’s signature animated flash tattoo style. Called “2022-2023 Goddess Kali”, this piece marks the 94th NFT release for the collection!

Speaking on the inspiration behind the piece, CryptoFlash said:

“I always want to try and push myself with the 1-of-1s I do. I was trying to think of something that has a lot of movement – and Kali just happens to be my favorite, as she is the Goddess of Destruction, Power, and Time. Honestly, it doesn’t get much more badass than someone wearing a necklace made of skulls and a dress made of human hands, so that may have had something to do with it as well!”

The holder of this unique NFT will be airdropped one of each CryptoFlash NFT created in the next year, making this a must-have for all avid CryptoFlash collectors!

CryptoFlash 2nd Year Anniversary Auction - 2021-2022 Floating Dragon

Last Year’s Auction

Goddess Kali is the second 1-of-1 auction that CryptoFlash has held since the launch of the project. The first, “2021-2022 Floating Dragon”, was released in March 2022. John sat down with the artist prior to this auction last year, which you can read here.

John went on to win the auction, and has since received one of each CryptoFlash piece released over the past 12 months, totalling 38 limited-edition NFTs!

CryptoFlash 2nd Year Anniversary Auction - 2021-2022 NFTs

I absolutely love seeing such a talented artist commit to both their collection and community for the long run, and I’m excited to see what CryptoFlash has in store for the year ahead.

To kick-off his third year on WAX, CryptoFlash will be dropping Set 18 throughout this week – starting today at 20:30 UTC. Keep an eye on his Twitter for the latest details!

CryptoFlash 2nd Year Anniversary Auction - Set 18 Octopus

For further details on the CryptoFlash collection, follow them on Twitter and join their Discord commmunity.


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