Everything You Need To Know About DYGYCON 9

Everything You Need To Know About DYGYCON 9

The ninth instalment of this free-to-attend digital NFT event takes place this weekend (May 27-29) and it’s bound to be a blast! Find out who’s attending, what to expect, and how to take part!


With each DYGYCON that rolls around every two months, more and more people are attending and even more awesome activities are taking place – and DYGYCON 9, taking place from this Friday through Sunday (May 27-29) is no exception. With the WAX community coming at DYGYCON 9 full force – as well as representation from numerous other blockchains and influencers – it’ll be a weekend that you won’t want to miss out on!

What is DYGYCON?

DYGYCON is an immersive metaverse experience hosted by Splinterlands – a next-generation online collectible card game. Held on the Gamerjibe platform, DYGYCON allows you to traverse a digital conference space using a 3D virtual character, interacting with others via text, voice and webcam, and exploring the various expo halls, chill-out zones and activities.

Check to see if your computer can run DYGYCON here.

NFT Insider Booth DYGYCON 9 May

When is DYGYCON 9?

DYGYCON 9 starts this Friday (May 27) at 9am UTC and ends in the late hours of Sunday (May 29).

The Main Event livestream by Splinterlands takes place on Saturday (28) at 18:00 UTC, which will appear at the bottom-right of your screen and can be viewed from anywhere inside the event. There will be talks from industry experts in blockchain gaming, collectables and DeFi – as well as plenty of giveaways!

Loads of other events will be taking part throughout the weekend, so be sure to check the full DYGYCON 9 schedule here. 

DYGYCON 9 Livestream Schedule

What Can You Do at DYGYCON?

DYGYCON is a fantastic experience for both exhibitors and attendees as it facilitates networking and making connections that simply wouldn’t be possible elsewhere.

The event has a large array of booths where you can meet and learn more about your favourite games, artists and NFT projects, as well as compete in auctions, load up in the SWAG booth and take part in scavenger hunts, mini-games and various other ventures that are held throughout the weekend.

How Do I Join?

RSVP to the event here and join in the fun by clicking the “Enter Virtual Space” button (if you haven’t registered yet, the button will say “Register for Event”). If a password is required, it means that the event is not open yet. Once DYGYCON 9 is live, you will not need a password.

Your character will spawn in front of the Welcome Room. Once you head inside, you’ll find the various expo hall doors on your left and right-hand sides. Walking through the doors will take you to those respective halls where you can see all the different exhibitors!

An easier way to get to the exhibit you’re interested in is by teleporting there. To do so, click on the top-right “info” icon to view the list of exhibitors. Click on an exhibit you wish to visit, and click on “Go To Exhibit” to be teleported to them in an instant!

Dygycon 9 Enter Virtual Space Button
Dygycon 9 Exhibit Directory
Dygycon 9 Teleport to an Exhibit

Exhibitors at DYGYCON 9

AtomicHub Hall

Splinterlands Hall

Dark Galaxies Hall

Green Rabbit Hall

Castles Hall

NeftyBlocks Hall

Blockchain Gaming Hall

EMP Hall

We’ll See You There!

Each DYGYCON continues to get better and better, and with the amount of fun we had at DYGYCON 8, I’m really looking forward to DYGYCON 9.

Even if you can’t stay for too long or don’t want to turn your mic on, it’s definitely worth popping into the event to see some of the exhibits on display, pick up a few free NFTs or perhaps take part in an activity or two.

I’ll see you there!


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