Finney Vol. 1 has arrived!

This Friday (20th) at 22 UTC, the first volume of Finney’s Immutable Journey will drop. Who is Finney, what is his story, and why is he a character to keep a close eye on?



When CryptoFinney first hit WAX and EOS a few months ago, he took these blockchains by storm. In 4 days time, we’ll start to learn a whole lot more about this friendly fellow – but first, let’s wind back and see how we’ve got to where we are today.


CryptoFinney is an NFT project on WAX and EOS, based on the Finney comic series created by the community-driven crypto publication network Cryptowriter.

The eponymous Finney is an android from another world, travelling from a galaxy far away to learn all about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology on Earth.

His journey is not without hardship however, as he soon comes across the shady Mr. Shift who takes an unsavoury liking to him – on account of Finney being made of gold.

Several months ago, Finney Coins began to be airdropped on the WAX and EOS chains through promos and giveaways, and to the most engaged members of the Cryptowriter community.

These coins can be burned to bring a CryptoFinney into existence. 10,000 total generative CryptoFinney’s are available, split equally across WAX and EOS.

Through another burn mechanism, CryptoFinney’s can be upgraded, with a lucky few able to obtain an illusive BTCminer Finney.


This Friday, in partnership with FACINGS, Volume 1 of the Finney’s Immutable Journey comic book series comes to life through a long-awaited pack drop on WAX.

25 unique artworks in 5 rarity tiers (including two Collectors Editions) make up this inaugural volume, ranging from initial frame sketches all the way to fully-animated scenes – each NFT helping to tell the tale of Finney’s first exploits on Planet Earth.

9,120 total packs are publicly available, with 585 reserved for future incentives:

  • 5,626 $10 packs – 5 cards, and;
  • 3,494 $40 packs – 20 cards

Whilst the price-per-card is the same with both packs, the $40 packs feature much better rarity rates, with over twice the likelihood of pulling an Epic, Legendary or Mythic card.

This drop is just the start of a wealth of Finney-related activity planned over the coming months.

Following a Kool Keith collab and the merch store launch in previous weeks, ShiftCity in The Uplift World, ShiftMining and the CryptoFinney 2.0 Coin Sale are just a select few items on the roadmap for the rest of 2021.

There’s even a hardcover book of Finney Vol. 1 in the works – just in time for Christmas!


The Cryptowriter team have created something very special with Finney. His loveable, affable, innocent nature make him an fella you just can’t help but cheer for, and with a stacked roadmap ahead, not to mention the incredible talent of the Cryptowriter team, Finney is set to become one of WAX and EOS’ preeminent characters.

Finney Vol. 1 drops at 22 UTC on Friday 20th August. You can discover all the details about the drop on the Finney NFT website.