Who is Orbo the Astronaut?

Orbo’s Zodiac Card Packs are here!

CREEK, creator of the CryptoMoonies, has an assistant. This assistant has made an astronaut, and this astronaut will be the star of a set of packs dropping this Friday at 20 UTC!



Over the past 5 months, the CryptoMoonies have risen to become one of WAX’s most revered independent collections. These lovable cryptonauts, with their mission to travel to the moon and beyond, have gained a passionate, loyal following that is rarely equalled on WAX.

What is less known however is the tale of their friend, Orbo the Astronaut. Two months ago, Creek’s Assistant – well known within their Discord for his entertaining streams and jovial nature – created this wholesome character, marking the start of a sister collection to the ‘Moonies.

Orbo may not have been around for as long as his brethren, but he’s certainly made an impact. His thirst for exploration and adventure is unquestionable, but his main mission objective is to have fun!

Whether he’s catching some rays on the nearest moon, spending the end of a hard day in space playing some games, or asserting his dominance with a T-pose, you can count on Orbo to enjoy his time in space in a way only he can!

Fusing a chill attitude, a calming presence and an overall wave of good vibes, Orbo is your perfect companion for a fun-filled journey through the stars.

We’ve yet to see Orbo in anything other than his crisp white spacesuit, but all that is about to change!

On Friday 27th August at 20 UTC, Orbo’s Zodiac Card packs will drop on NeftyBlocks.

12 unique animated cards are available in 3 rarity tiers, with Orbo representing each sign of the Zodiac through a series of outfits!

351 total packs are publicly available:

  • 151 six-card packs (50 WAX), and;
  • 200 twelve-card packs (100 WAX)

Both packs feature a 35% chance per pack to receive a black-and-white Noir card variant, and a 15% chance per pack to receive a rare Gold variant – each featuring additional visual eye-candy.

Holders of Orbo’s Space Cadet card (of which there’s still 39 available) have access to an exclusive three-card pack drop, taking place 15 mins before the public pack drop.

Whilst only 3 cards are included within these 40 WAX packs, each pack includes a guaranteed Noir variant, as well as a 35% chance to receive a lauded Gold variant.

This drop marks Orbo’s first major vault through space, and fingers-crossed, the first of many to come. With his trademark carefree approach, we can’t wait to see what future adventures lie in store for him!

The Orbo the Astronaut Zodiac Card Packs by Creek’s Assistant drop at 20 UTC on Friday 27th August. You can discover all the details about the drop on the Orbo the Astronaut website.