Web3 Builder My Neighbor Alice Season 2 Ends February 14th


Web3 Builder My Neighbor Alice Season 2 Ends February 14

The online multiplayer Web3 builder closes its second chapter on February 14th, ahead of the Spring and Season 3 ahead!


It’s time to bring in the harvest!

My Neighbor Alice, the web3 multiplayer builder created by Krystopia developers Antler Interactive, sees its Alpha Season 2 draw to a close on February 14th.

The game takes a fresh approach to blockchain gaming, replacing competition with collaboration as players team up to build Town Hubs and complete Community Quests.

In My Neighbor Alice, players explore the Lummelunda Archipelago and its unique locations, building houses, raising animals, growing crops and decorating their lands.

Built on the Chromia network, My Neighbor Alice prioritises casual gameplay, player interaction and enjoyment away from competitive play to drive mainstream adoption and promote a fun, immersive experience for gamers around the world.

With a recent update, players can now personalise their avatars with cosmetic items and interact with other avatars on both iOS and Android. To celebrate the launch, My Neighbor Alice is now offering these new customizable avatar features for free to those who download the game on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

As Season 2 draws to a close, Season 3 is anticipated to arrive very soon.

To learn more about My Neighbor Alice, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, or join their Discord community.


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