3 Fun NFT Collectibles on WAX


3 Fun NFT Collectibles on WAX

The WAX blockchain isn’t just for blockchain gaming – it’s home to a plethora of fantastic art projects too! Here, Saskia runs through 3 of her favourites.


At the time of publication, Saskia held 67 Virus Busters NFTs worth $114 in total, 60 Waxy NFTs worth $194 in total, and 9 Corporate World NFTs worth $2 in total. All of these NFTs were acquired via primary drops or the secondary market.

Recently, I shared some of the cute collections on the WAX blockchain that I personally collect. Whilst I love cute things, I’m also a sucker for fun mechanics, utility and cool stories!

With that in mind, here are three more collections on WAX that I thoroughly enjoy collecting – and I hope you will too.

1. Virus Busters

3 Fun Collectibles on WAX - Virus Busters

Virus Busters, created by two Canadian graphic designers, is a collection with a focus on NFT blends.

The story revolves around a “top of the line, award-winning cybersecurity agency” ran by Buster, the boss of Virus Busters. Buster got into a bit of trouble recently after accidentally downloading something that infected all of the company computers – and even spreading to their website. It’s up to us, the employees, to work hard to fix the mess Buster has created.

3 Fun Collectibles on WAX - Infected Desktop Computer NFT

To become an upstanding employee of Virus Busters, you’ll need to pick up some equipment: a computer or laptop and an antivirus (even if it’s outdated). Holding these NFTs will allow you to participate in weekly airdrops where you will receive ‘Infected Folders’ every Friday. Open these folders to receive viruses, corrupted data and work tasks that will allow you to blend paychecks and trophies here. You better get to work!

If you don’t have the equipment for the blends, don’t worry. You can still work in their Discord server by interacting with their Buster bot in the #overtime-work channel. This can earn you some cool prizes if you rack up enough coins!

3 Fun Collectibles on WAX - Virus Busters Virtual Desktop

Finally, don’t forget to customise your ‘work’ PC so that you can bring a little bit of happiness to the hel- I mean, amazing experience *cough* that is working for Virus Busters. You can grab a ‘Virtual Desktop Pack’ from primary drops or on the secondary market, which include wallpapers, themes and cursors that you can add to your online virtual desktop!

You can even play some mini-games here too, but don’t tell Buster I told you that.

If Virus Busters sounds like it’s for you, you can take a look at their collection on AtomicHub, follow their Twitter or join their Discord server to find out more.

2. Waxy

3 Fun Collectibles on WAX - Waxy

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of everything that MikeeMyk creates, and Waxy is no exception. This cute little bee was created for the AtomicHub fan art competition back in December 2021 – and of course, it won!

Myk has created a whole collection based around this character, adorned with PFPs and incredible 3D models alike.

Every few weeks, Myk will drop a brand-new 2D Waxy NFT. You’ll need to collect 20 of them to blend into the corresponding 3D figurine. Make sure to be on-time for the drop, as you can only claim three NFTs every 2 minutes!

3 Fun Collectibles on WAX - Waxy Rusty NFT

You’ll need to keep an extra one of the 2D NFTs for the “ultra-mega-magic-blend” that happens at the end of each generation for a chance at a special limited-edition 3D Waxy. For Generation 1, this was “His Royal Sirness Waxxington III (BSc, MSc, PhD)” or just “Sir Waxxington III” for short!

3 Fun Collectibles on WAX - Waxy [Sir Waxxington III]

Myk also creates non-generative, hand-drawn 1-of-1 PFPs that go on auction when available. If you collect and hold three of these, you can request a custom 3D Waxy to call your very own! 

That’s not all, as holders of these 1-of-1 PFPs are entered into a community vote held in Discord every month. The winning PFP is turned into a 3D Waxy, with the owner receiving Mint #1 and 25% of the drop sales.

Want to get your hands on a Waxy NFT? Head to their collection on AtomicHub, and be sure to follow their Twitter and join their Discord server for the latest updates and announcements.

3. Corporate World

3 Fun Collectibles on WAX - Corporate World

Last but not least, it’s Corporate World!

Funnily enough, the story behind this collection also involves a shocking boss and terrible work culture – however Buster looks like a delight compared to Corporate World’s overseer BeelzeBoss, who just so happens to be a demon!

Not only that, all of the employees have mutated into monstrous creatures, thanks to BeelzeBoss’ demonic aura. Not even your lunch is safe!

3 Fun Collectibles on WAX - Nasty Lunch Box Sticker

There’s a number of zany characters you’ll meet in the office, such as Jack Asshe (who only appears when the boss is around), Peter Pooper (the “shift manager without the F”), and Miss Management, who does everything herself. On top of these, you’ll meet the Infernals – sentient, mutated objects, like the lunch box mentioned earlier – and Interns – the poor, unfortunate souls from other WAX collections that are to be trained by BeelzeBoss himself.

Corporate World hold their drops every Saturday, because “in Hell, you work 6 days a week”. These drops usually include brand-new characters, and it’s a good idea to grab more than one to blend into a higher rarity. Each time an Intern is blended, it mutates them even further, showing how crazed they’ve become after working for BeelzeBoss. Just look at poor Rusty from Red Panda Adventures!

3 Fun Collectibles on WAX - Rusty In HELL

Learn more about Hell on Earth by visiting the Corporate World website, following their Twitter, and joining their Discord server. Jonezy – the creator of Corporate World – also has 2 other collections that are worth checking out too: Monster Lover and JonezyArt.

Now that I’ve introduced you to 2 terrible bosses and 1 sweet bee, I hope you’ve discovered a collection that you’re excited to look into. Happy collecting!


Saskia Wartnaby
Creator of the Cat Stickers NFT collection. Artist, digital marketer, writer & animal lover. Fan of all things cute and wholesome, especially cats.
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