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5 Cute Collectibles on WAX

There’s plenty of top-quality artists on the WAX blockchain. Here, Saskia shares five of her personal favourites!


The WAX blockchain has an incredibly diverse array of NFTs to choose from – over 280 million of them. For a new collector, it can be quite overwhelming!

I’ve been collecting WAX NFTs for over a year now, and I’ve found some amazing collections during that time. I’m an avid collector of anything that’s fun and cute, so if that sounds like your thing, I’ll be sharing my findings with you all in the hopes that you can find something new to add to your collection.

Here’s five of my personal favourite collections on WAX. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

1. Red Panda Adventures

It’s no secret that I love Rusty the Red Panda. Created by talented 3D artist and illustrator MikeeMyk, these NFTs are exactly what the collection name states: cute red pandas. Emphasis on the cute!

Rusty was one of my very first NFTs, and one that got me excited about the WAX space. Myk releases new oh-so-collectible NFTs every week or so, often creating must-rip packs that will have you itching to get your hands on the latest iterations.

5 Cute Collectibles on WAX Red Panda Adventures NFTs

To add to his amazing art, Myk has done a great job of creating utility for his collection. Collect enough NFTs and you’ll be automatically whitelisted for future drops and receive discounts too!

If you own an exclusive 1-of-1 Red Panda NFT, you’ll get access to the Panda Town minigame. Here, you can collect coins to redeem for exclusive prizes, such as this adorable red panda cub!

Check out the Red Panda Adventures collection on AtomicHub, discover more on their website, and keep up-to-date with their future drops via Twitter and Discord.

2. Noods

If you’re a mega foodie, Noods is just the collection for you!

An adorable little noodle character that wanders the world, doodling yummy food & discovering the stories around them, the namesake artist Noods started out on Instagram, moving into WAX thanks to the help of the Nifty Art Collective.

5 Cute Collectibles on WAX Noods NFTs

One of my favourite parts about this collection (besides the art!) are the blending features. In order to make some of the dishes that Noods has created, you’ll first need to pick up the ingredients to make them. For example, if you want this mouth-watering Soy Sauce Chicken Noodle dish, you’ll need the Something is frying, Fresh Chicken and Ramen Noodle NFTs. I love this aspect of the collection – especially when I learn about foods I’d never heard of!

Discover Noods on AtomicHub and stay in touch via their Twitter and Discord.

3. Digital Ducks

There’s no way I can write about cute WAX collections without including the ducks.

Digital Ducks is a long-standing favourite of many WAX collectors, and for good reason! The Stabby Quack character is hilarious and adorable in the same package, and in all the different costumes this duck finds itself in, they’re bound to make you smile.

Each new drop brings with it a beautifully designed set of ducks in both animated and sticker form, as well as a super fun drop experience. Not only do the packs themselves look cool, but each drop has a specially-designed opening video. I always look forward to opening a Digital Ducks pack!

5 Cute Collectibles on WAX Digital Ducks NFTs

If these deadly ducks intrigue you, be sure to join the Digital Ducks Discord. There’s special badges for collectors that allow you to claim free drops, plus be whitelisted for future ones!

Oh, and try out this addictive, but incredibly frustrating retro minigame that you can play featuring Stabby. Remember: the chances of getting killed by a Digital Duck are low, but never zero.

Find out more about the Digital Ducks collection on AtomicHub and their website, and be sure to check out their Twitter and Discord.

4. KryptoKumas

If you’ve been in the WAX space for a while, you’ll likely have come across the artist behind KryptoKumas. This collection consists of mythical, fun-loving bears that live in the Kumaverse, each with their own personality and purpose. Some love to party and protect, but be careful of the ones that like to destroy!

New KryptoKumas’ are released often, in all sorts of different styles and costumes. Kuma loves to collaborate with other artists on WAX as well –  one of my personal favourites is their collaboration with Red Panda Adventures, as well as their most recent collab with Beast of Oni!

5 Cute Collectibles on WAX Krytpo Kumas NFTs

I met Kuma at DYGYCON 8 and was blown away by his friendly nature, charisma and overall positive energy. This is on full display across Kuma’s socials, most especially on their Discord and Twitter. If you want to get to know the Kuma’s, be sure to tune in to one of their weekly WAX Wednesday Twitter Spaces – they’re a joy to listen to.

Learn more about the KryptoKumas collection on AtomicHub, browse their website, and keep in the loop with their Twitter and Discord.

5. Cat Stickers

I just couldn’t leave out my Cat Stickers from a list of cute characters on WAX!

Cat Stickers is an illustrated cat collection that releases new NFTs every Caturday. As you collect them, you’ll receive special badges which give you access to giveaways, special Discord channels and exclusive reserved drops.

There’s always loads of fun to be had within our Discord, and if you love and/or have cats, we’d love to see pictures of them – or any cats, really!

Explore Cat Stickers on AtomicHub and our website, and hop across to our Twitter and Discord to see what’s new.

5 Cute Collectibles on WAX Cat Stickers NFTs

There we have it! I hope I’ve been able to show you a project that you’d like to add to your NFT collection!

There are plenty more artists I’d love to write about, so stay tuned for more!

Happy collecting!


Saskia Wartnaby
Creator of the Cat Stickers NFT collection. Artist, digital marketer, writer & animal lover. Fan of all things cute and wholesome, especially cats.
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