AtomicHub’s Fiat-to-NFT Payment Feature Is Now Live


AtomicHub’s Fiat-to-NFT Payment Feature Is Now Live

The world’s busiest NFT marketplace has launched its long-awaited credit card checkout option, adding a whole new dimension to the purchase of NFTs.


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The WAX blockchain’s biggest marketplace has introduced a groundbreaking new feature.

Today, AtomicHub launched it’s long-awaited fiat-to-NFT payment option, in partnership with leading digital payments provider Banxa.

This allows users worldwide to purchase NFTs directly from AtomicHub using a variety of popular traditional payment methods, and often in their local currency, giving experienced collectors and newcomers alike an easy-to-use and accessible way to obtain WAX NFTs.

AtomicHub users can now purchase WAX NFTs using a variety of traditional payment methods. AtomicHub users can now purchase WAX NFTs using a variety of traditional payment methods.

The announcement comes several weeks after the launch of the fiat-to-$WAXP service, also provided by Banxa to AtomicHub users.

Speaking of the launch, Holger Arians, CEO of Banxa, said:

“Candidly, trying to purchase NFTs is often a frustrating experience for customers. Banxa is excited to partner with NFT pioneer AtomicHub to offer our answer for making the experience better. NFT Checkout by Banxa reduces that friction, and allows users to buy NFTs directly using a wide range of local and global payment options.”

Jona Wilmsmann, Co-Founder of AtomicHub, said:

“With Banxa’s NFT Checkout offering, AtomicHub takes another big step towards bringing NFTs into the mainstream. We’re thrilled that through our continued partnership with Banxa, we’re able to offer our users the most straightforward way to acquire NFTs.”

Users will have to undergo Banxa's checks to use the fiat-to-NFT feature. Users will have to undergo Banxa’s checks to use the fiat-to-NFT feature.

Users that complete an order with this brand-new payment method are in the running for an exclusive prize, with AtomicHub to release more information in the coming weeks.

For further information, and a guide on how to use the feature, head to the announcement on the AtomicHub Blog.


Honesty, transparency and integrity are NFT Insider’s core values. Whilst I’m the Head of Content at AtomicHub, being sincere to you, the reader, is my #1 priority. Take that however you will.

With that stated, this is an update that has been many, many months in the making, and should provide a huge boost to the WAX ecosystem.

Fiat payments have been a mainstay of primary drops for a long time now (think Funko), but bringing that functionality to all NFTs listed on the secondary market will be a jolt in the arm for creators and collectors alike.

This update has the potential to do wonders for onboarding, scalability, cross-chain adoption and more, and I can’t wait to see the impact over the coming weeks, months and years.

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