Blockchain Bulletin: October 4 – October 10

WhenStaking have $10,000 up for grabs, phone top-ups using WAX goes live, and we collaborate with POPCORP – here’s the biggest stories on WAX right now!


WhenStaking’s $10,000 Giveaway


NFT staking platform WhenStaking are giving away a total of $10,000 spread across the top 8 buyers of their Power Generator NFTs, dropping this Thursday at 17 UTC.

This will be a 10-minute time-limited sale, with an unlimited supply of packs available at $19.99 in WAX each. Each pack, which can be opened 1 hour after the sale concludes, will contain one of three Power Generators, which each have varying levels of staking capacity over on the WhenStaking platform.

WhenStaking allows you to stake Onessus collab NFTs (Boysterous, Void Elementals, DappRadar and Void Supernaturals) to earn VOID tokens – the currency of blockchain game HodlGod.

The top ranking buyer will receive $5,000, buyers ranked 2-4 will receive $1,000 each, whilst ranks 5-8 will receive $500 each.

Discover more about the giveaway, the drop, and WhenStaking, within this Medium post.

Opinion: WhenStaking is an interesting idea to tie all of the Onessus collab partner collections together with the aim of driving users towards HodlGod, and with over 5,000 NFTs staked on the platform so far, plus 7% of the max supply of VOID tokens being held by them in such a short time, there’s no doubt it’ll continue to pick up traction – and giveaways such as this will certainly help with that. Staking is now, and will continue to be, an important aspect to any collection, and Onessus have certainly hit a home run with WhenStaking.

Top Up using WAX

Pay with WAX Prepaid Mobile Recharges

AmeriMex Solutions have launched a service that allows you to top-up pre-paid phones using WAXP.

Through their Mi Llamada and MiCartera apps, users can now log in to their WAX Cloud Wallet and top-up pre-paid phones from a host of worldwide providers, allowing for crystal-clear, reliable international calling.

Alongside the ability to top up your own phone, these apps also allow you to top up the balance of friends or family members, both at home and overseas – all you need is their number.

Find out more about this service on their website.

Opinion: This flew under the radar when it went live last week, and that’s not awfully surprising. This is one of those services that over 98% of WCW users will never use, but could prove to be a vital lifeline for some. Wider adoption of WAX (and crypto in general) rests on its use cases, and the more people that have a reason to use a particular cryptocurrency, the better. Innovations such as this only serve to increase the accessibility of WAX, so I’m all for it. I wonder what other uses for WAX we’ll see down the road?



This Thursday at 18:30 UTC, NFT Insider is collaborating with POPCORP on a limited-edition pack.

POPCORP, fronted by the artistic talent of Matso Deparis, is a ghoulish collection that blends pop culture with the undead to create curiously creepy NFTs, and in this collaboration, they’ve taken NFT Insider’s mascot Timmy to new, horrifying levels.

800 of these Starving Timmy Packs will be available. Each pack contains two cards, and will cost $5 USD in WAX each. Three card designs are available in three separate rarities – including three 1/1 Decrepit cards.

Head to the POPCORP Discord to find out the latest information.

Opinion: My adoration for the POPCORP collection has been laid bare multiple times before (including in our Behind the Art piece and recent interview), so it was an absolute pleasure to work with the team once again on this collaboration. Matso has really gone above and beyond with the design of these cards, and I can’t wait for them to hit your wallets!

We’re keeping the card designs under close wraps, so keep an eye on the POPCORP Discord for a first glance of these maniacal masterpieces!

Track of the Week

This week, we’re listening to Asleep by Oxymorrons – released through YoshiDrops this past week. This specific NFT is a pre-order ticket to the last time this alternative hip-hop group will perform this hit song live on December 11th this year in NYC. With their signature big sound and an anthemic vibe, this song is guaranteed to get you grooving!

Tap on the image to check out the NFT on AtomicHub, and if you like what you hear, grab a copy for yourself on the secondary market!

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