Community Highlight: Anyo’s Guide to Premium WAX Names

Stuck with your default wallet name and looking to upgrade to a premium one, with extra perks? Here’s how!


This question has circulated more and more within the community in the past week; how do I get a premium WAX account name? Luckily, Anyobservation has just put out a very handy guide!

Acquiring a premium account name, that is, one that is less than the 12-character limit, is a little more complex than you might think. There’s a unique auction system which dictates the sale of premium account names, and Anyo breaks this down into simple, clear, easy to understand terms, as well as explaining the benefits of acquiring one – namely the ability to create children wallets.

Even if you’re not in the market for a premium account name, Anyo also shows you how to check what name bids have been made, and who has made them, which is a good way to fuel the rumour mill…

Give this video a watch, and if you’re looking to acquire a premium WAX wallet name – good luck!