Community Highlight: CryptoFinney’s Roadmap

There’s very few certainties in the crypto space, but one thing that is for certain is that Finney has an incredibly exciting future ahead of him!


Ever since Finney first hit WAX and EOS through the coin burn a few months ago (wait, it’s been that long already?!), there’s been growing anticipation of what we’ll see next from this endearing gold fella. Now, the wait is finally over!

A brand-new website, finney.world, has just been launched, revealing a stacked roadmap that takes us all the way through to January 2022! There’s all sorts of goodies in store, from collabs and merch to the creation of Shift City in the Uplift World, custom Finney’s and the 2.0 launch – all within the backdrop of a world that’s being beautifully crafted by the writer.io team.

We’re especially intrigued by the Shift Coins, and conversely, ShiftMining. I wonder what these in-game tokens could be used for…

Head on over to finney.world and give it a read for yourself. Every word packs a punch, and I’m sure after giving it a glance, you’ll be just as hyped as we are!