Community Highlight: Weekly Atomic AMA’s

Every week, Jona sits down with Hydro to discuss the current state of WAX, the NFT space in general, and an insight into the development of AtomicHub. Week 4 has just gone live!


One of my main goals when joining AtomicHub was to improve the communication between the team and the community.

Now, with established Twitter and Instagram profiles, a brand-new Discord and two weekly Stage calls (one for creators and one for the wider community), communication improved massively – but there’s always more we can do.

Every Monday for the past few weeks, we’ve been uploading an Atomic AMA to the AtomicHub YouTube channel – a 10-minute chat between myself and Jona on all things WAX, NFTs and AtomicHub.

Week 4 is now live, where we discuss a wide variety of updates coming to AtomicHub soon, both for creators and collectors alike.

This is the best way to discover from Jona himself what we’ve been working on, and what changes you’ll be seeing hit AtomicHub in the near future. Sit back, relax and enjoy!