Drop Alert! Señor Lupe’s Chummys Series 4


Drop Alert! Señor Lupe’s Chummys Series 4

WAX’s favourite horse-loving creator Señor Lupe is putting 100 brand new ‘bes frens’ up for adoption in his 4th series of Chummys!


The Chummys are back!

Tomorrow, Señor Lupe – a well-known and much-loved creator on the WAX blockchain – is releasing Series 4 of his Chummy PFP collection. Drawn entirely by hand, 100 brand-new “bes fren and bes horse” will be hitting the blockchain, looking for a wallet to call home!

Let’s take a look at how you can get involved.

Mr Chummy Series 4 Drop Alert - Chummy PFPs

When Is The Drop?

All 100 Chummys in Series 4 will be available from tomorrow (September 16) at 20:00 UTC on Lupe’s drop page. Once they’re gone, they’re gone – so be sure to join Lupe’s Telegram to see if someone else is looking to snag the Chummy you want!

How Much Do They Cost?

Each Chummy is listed for 420 $WAXP, which is just below $40 USD at the time of writing. 

Mr Chummy Series 4 Drop Alert - MR CHUMMY 386

What Do I Get For Owning A Chummy?

Holders receive full ownership rights, meaning that it’s yours to do whatever you’d like with. Stick it on a t-shirt, print it on canvas or simply make it your social media PFP – the choice is yours!

Holders also become members of the Chummy Club, which gives you regular NFT airdrops and access to exclusive giveaways.

Mr Chummy Series 4 Drop Alert - Chummy Collage

As mentioned in our interview with the man behind the stables, be sure to give your Chummy lots of love, as Lupe only wants the “bes amigos” to look after his favourite horses!

For the latest information on Señor Lupe’s Chummy’s, check out his website, follow Lupe on Twitter, and join his Telegram community.


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