Skyweaver’s 2023 Roadmap: Everything You Need To Know


Skyweaver’s 2023 Roadmap: Everything You Need To Know

Our top blockchain game of 2022 has revealed their roadmap for 2023 – and boy, do we have an exciting year ahead of us!


If you’re a fan of TCGs, you won’t want to miss this!

Skyweaver – the Web3 trading card game built on Polygon by Horizon Blockchain Games – have revealed their 2023 Roadmap, ahead of a number of major updates to the game.

With Hero abilities, improved Quests, a new game mode and much, much more on the way, let’s dive into what we can expect across the rest of this year!


Hero Abilities

Right now, single-prism Heroes are at a disadvantage compared to their multi-prism counterparts, in spite of their slimmer 25-card deck. To balance this, Horizon are making a few changes in Q3 2023. Gone are 25-card decks, but there’s a new mechanic in town: Hero Abilities.

These abilities, offered to single-prism Heroes at first, will be either active or passive effects, and are unique to each Hero, making Hero selection all the more meaningful, and giving each Hero their own distinctive flair.


Ada will be one of the first Heroes to receive a Hero Ability, with her work-in-progress ability set to be; “The first unit you play each turn gains +1 power.”

Hero Abilities will be made available to all 15 Heroes by the end of the year, as well as a Hero Progression system, allowing for new abilities to be unlocked.


New Starter Decks

Also arriving this summer, Ada, Ari, Bouran, Lotus and Samya will receive improved start decks – alongside their Hero Abilities.

These decks will consist almost entirely of previously unseen cards, with each focusing on specific elements and encouraging different tactics, teaching new players a variety of different ways to approach Skyweaver.

For experienced players, these cards will be easy to unlock, and many of them may just make their way into competitive decks.


Improved Quests

Arriving in the next few months, Skyweaver’s improved Quests will debut – including daily, weekly and seasonal tasks to work towards.

Each type of Quest will have detailed, dynamic elements, requiring both in-game and out-of-game actions. Seasonal Quests will work alongside both the free and premium Skypass, helping you go further, faster.

New onboarding quests will accompany the refreshed starter decks, providing new players with goals and guidance as they unlock Heroes and decks, and venture deeper into the world of Sky.



Team Horizon believes Skyweaver only does a great job of catering to two groups – casual and Conquest. They plan to plug that gap with a new, robust tournament system, supporting players from across the communtity.

Expect tournaments with hundreds of players. Large-scale tournaments with posted round times. Free to enter, and paid entry. Scheduled or spontaneous – the aim is to not just create a new tier of competition, but to take the concept as far as possible.

To begin will, all tournaments will be constructed, which decks built specifically for the tournament, and locked for its duration – but another format is coming…


Limited Mode – Draft

Akin to Hearthstone’s Arena mode, Draft will see players building their deck from a limited pool of cards, taking a single card at a time before passing the remainder to the next player.

Skyweaver Draft will have no assigned prisms, meaning you can play any card from any prism you pick up, which may lead to some interesting combos!

Prior to selecting cards, players will select a Draft Hero – Draft-specific Heroes with powerful abilities that synchronise with the cards in the pool, making each Draft fresh and exciting.



Two new in-game currencies will be released this year; Spark and Weave.

Spark is a non-tradable resource, acquired by levelling the free Skypass, that will be used to craft non-blockchain base cards, and enter free tournaments and other events.

Weave is a non-tradable resource – acquired by levelling the premium Skypass, or for success in Conquest, Leaderboards and Tournaments – that will be used to mint on-chain items such as Silver and Gold cards, skins and other cosmetics, plus enter premium events.


Card Rarities

On top of the Base, Silver and Gold cards, Team Horizon will be introducing a variety of Card Rarities to Skyweaver.

Some cards will be rarer than others, and will require more Spark or Weave to create, making player progression clearer, and resulting in particular cards becoming more special, and their acquisition a more significant achievement.

The aim is to create a dynamic market whilst keeping the game accessible for all – and to find the right balance between the two.


What You Might Have Missed

Within Skyweaver’s 2023 roadmap, there’s a few items they teased, but provided few details on:

  • Brand-new card expansion (in addition to the new starter decks)
  • New titles, cosmetics, animations and music/sound FX
  • New equipment, Prestige progression and Ranked rewards
  • New community puzzle maker
  • Faster onboarding and multi-language support

With all this and more to look forward to this year, we’ve got an exciting time ahead in the land of Sky!

To play Skyweaver for free, click here. For more information about Skyweaver’s 2023 roadmap, visit their website. To keep up to date with all things Skyweaver, visit their website, follow their Twitter, and join their Discord community.


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