We’re now on Discord!

Our long-overdue migration from Telegram to Discord is underway!


In just 25 days, our Telegram group has grown from zero to 752 members at the time of writing!

Telegram was always a stop-gap until we found a more permanent solution, and I’m happy to announce that throughout this week, we’ll be conducting a phased move across to Discord.

This move will provide new benefits to both OG Backers and Promo Holders, who will get their own chat groups – making exclusive giveaways, drops and auctions much easier moving forwards!

Regular members will benefit too, with Discord-exclusive giveaways and more!

You will all be contacted in due course to join the server, culminating in the link being made public via Twitter later this week. The plan is to have completed the migration prior to our next artist interview card drop this Saturday at 22:00 UTC.

Keep an eye on the Telegram group to make sure you catch the invite link!

I look forward to seeing you there – drop me a hello once you’re in!

P.S. A massive thanks goes to stuckatsixpm for his help in setting up the server. Go follow his Twitter – from dynamic NFTs to back-end tools for the community, you should absolutely keep an eye on his work!